Lamzur confectionary was founded in 1938. The factory is located in the Republic of Mordovia, Russia. In 2013 Lamzur celebrated its 75 anniversary.

Nowadays, the company has become a high technology enterprise with an annual production capacity over 30 000 ton. Nearly 1000 employees work for the company.


A blistering production pace is set by the confectionery market analysis. Nowadays Lamzur JSC is focusing on excellent quality of its products, using  raw materials, brand technologies and equipment supplied by the leading foreign and Russian manufacturers.

Range of products produced by Lamzur confectionery includes over 200 articles in different confectionary categories such as chocolates, caramels, bisquits, aerated and fondant sweets.

Lamzur confectionery is producing as the best selling products, which go down a treat among the consumers, so unique products, having no analog in the Russian market, as for example, fine chocolates with the thinnest coating made of roasted candied nuts or bi-colour toffee with filling.

In 2010 Lamzur JSC obtained a certificate of compliance and in so doing certified a compliance of its food safety management system with the requirements of MC ISO 22000:2005 international standard. All that classical technology, high quality and nonpolluting raw materials and experience of the qualified specialists contribute to production of high quality confecionery, which is confirmed by many prizes and awards, obtained in the different Russian and foreing exhibitions.

In 2012 Lamzur company launched a new line for production of jellies and souffle chocolates. It was the first time Lamzur JSC represented a cream-filled souffle chocolates to the Russian consumers.

Launch of the new production line allowed to improve many of the production processes and operations, cut time expenditures and maintenance costs and led to optimization of the management system.


Today Lamzur confectionery has established a reliable partnership to more than 220 distributors. The sales network covers almost the whole territory of Russia. The goods, produced by Lamzur confectionery are exported to 11 countries of CIS, the Baltic states and countries of the Western Europe.  The sales in the foreign market are increasing rapidly. Developing its growth strategy, Lamzur JSC focuses on distribution of goods through the federal networks and gets ready to switch to the selling prepacked products for convinience of consumers.

Confectionaries by Lamzur have gained wide recognition in the domestic and foreign markets. The enterprise was awarded with several prestigious awards such as «Birmingham Torch award», «Golden eagle award», and granted a number of certificates, golden and silver medals for confectionery, exposed in the Russian contests.

Futher development of the product range and strengthening of company`s positions in the market are considered to be the compny`s top-priority targets.